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Let’s be honest. Office hours are for hanging out with my favorite students after class. We can dig deep, have heart-to-heart conversations, and even drop a few F-bombs.

Anybody on the Internet can consume the fabulous, neatly packaged tarot lessons and tutorials on my blog and enjoy the fun and helpful bite-size content I share on Instagram.

But Office Hours? That’s for my besties.

We’ll go beyond basic tarot how-tos and tarot tips and have deeper, more intimate conversations about the real-life wisdom tarot has to offer.

Like Dead Poets Society, but make it tarot.

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I’m a literature and mythology professor, so my unique brand of tarot combines intellect and intuition. I believe it’s at that intersection where the magic really happens, and my newsletter dwells at that crossroads.

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Who am I?

I’ve been working with tarot for almost a decade, and it has been such a transformative force in my life that my mission is to bring its powers of self-discovery and intuitive guidance to others.

I’m also an academic - an intellectual and even a bit of a skeptic! I’m not psychic, I’m not a fortune-teller, and I don’t read tarot professionally. I read tarot for myself and teach others to do the same. My lens as a literature and mythology professor allows us to decode tarot as a rich, gorgeous text: to dive deep into tarot archetypes and symbolism, illuminate themes, and apply them to our own lives to better understand ourselves and the world around us.

In Office Hours, I share what I’m grappling with in my own life, offer practical tarot spreads, questions, and rituals for you to try, and then open the floor to discussion. We learn best from each other, and I love my tarot community!

Also, because I know you’re wondering: Pisces sun, Virgo moon, Gemini rising.

Why tarot?

At age 29, about a decade ago, I had what some would instantly recognize as a Saturn return and others would call a “spiritual awakening.” My mother would call it “an episode.” I would call it a sizable emotional meltdown. A “menty-b” if you will.

I was an overworked, unfulfilled and unhappy lawyer, disconnected from my true self and basically living my life for others. A co-worker asked me what my favorite color was one day and I didn’t know. And apparently, that was the ridiculous straw that broke this jet-setting designer suit-wearing deposition-taking camel’s back.

(If you’re reading this, Grace, no hard feelings. To answer your question, my favorite color is purple. Lilac, to be exact.)

I was so successful on paper. I had done everything right. So why did I feel so lost? So unfulfilled? So unhappy? What more (less?) did I want? Who even was I?

And then I finally opened the tarot deck I hadn’t had time to unseal let alone study. Perhaps you had (or still have) a similar tarot deck lying around somewhere.

I’ve been working with tarot for nearly a decade now. It helps me:

  • tap into and trust my intuition;

  • check my ego and reconnect with my true self;

  • make more aligned decisions;

  • sort through and better process my emotions;

  • set authentic goals that align with my highest good;

  • accept and honor the various phases and experiences of life; and

  • set intentions that guide me to show up as my best self each day.

As an over-achieving people-pleaser, I had never learned to do any of those things - not in high school, college, law school, or as a practicing attorney. I was all ego, all of the time. As long as my life looked good on the outside, I didn’t stop to care how it felt on the inside.

And how it felt on the inside was a HOT ASS MESS.

But now, I can confidently attest that my tarot practice has upgraded me to a mere lukewarm mess. A more sensitive, self-aware, authentic, and intuitively guided one to boot. And I’d really like to share the wealth.

Do not subscribe unless…

  • you love reading interesting, funny, and thought-provoking long-form content.

  • fifteen-second TikToks and a few paragraphs in an Instagram caption just aren’t doing it for you like they used to.

  • what you really crave is settling in with honest, high-quality, and relatable tarot discourse you can participate in and apply to your own life.

  • you want to be spoken to - not talked at - and experience a real connection with a fellow tarot lover.

Is that you? Then I’m so glad you found me!

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